Thursday, April 9, 2015

feeling bitterly human today

I would like my right arm back now please.

So my youngest kiddo is visiting with the paternal one and has been since last Saturday. I have come to realize that I am indeed a soggy creature. Was trying to put my finger on why I am so distracted and broody today and I think I just miss the kid.

They are funny little creatures, It is not like I spend all day talking to her, but she is always just kinda there. Invisible connection and all of that. In any case I am blathering it out here so that I can stop wimping at the boy about it and maybe move on with my day.

Makes me wonder if it is an easier adjustment when kids grow up and move out. In a blink they have gone from underfoot rug rats to people and now to almost grown ups. On one hand I am super excited for the freedom that means. The ability to run amuck and be a rootless gypsy as I want to. Or will I feel a hollow pit in my belly? I doubt it. I think it is easier to accept when they are adults and busy adulting.
Hard to say.

All I know is today I am thinking 8 days feels like a long time. I have been on a huge path of self discovery and progression the last while. I have started 2 new blogs. One on the art of living simply and basically as cheap as possible and another that is outlining my journey on a ketogenic eating plan. I am very invested in them and having a blast with the writing. I have been very excited about it all. I seem to have a decent page view happening for them both and have been working hard at content. and

Writing them has helped me to remember how much that is what I love to do. I have booked a new tattoo for the 23rd and soon going on a mini holiday with the boy. I have no reason to be broody. But, I am and so be it. I suppose it is just simply a day. Either that or I am getting sick, I often get moody right before a cold so lets hope that is not the case.

May you all have a great day and really if you feel like checking out the blogs, I would not object!


Whiskey G

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