Tuesday, February 25, 2014

low carbing it day 8.. NO POWER!

Hello all,
here is the one week low carb report. I have bounced around between feeling amazing with a ton of energy to feeling headachy and in a fierce sugar craving back to feeling pretty good.
All was going really well, until had a HUGE 3 day snow storm which knocked out my power last night.
Long story short, I ate chicken nuggets for dinner. Then, I ate gummy hearts, and half a bag of chips.
I went on such a carb bender!! Made the excuse in my head that really it was fine because I could not cook and I had to eat something!
I feel pretty regretful today, plus today my stomach hates me. So I am back on the wagon.
I do have to report though that I am down 5 lbs total in my little adventure so far, when I reported the 160, I got back on the scale and realized my little toe must have been hanging off or something because the lovely WII fit scale put me in at 162. Before my carb binge, my scale said 158. I will start taking the numbers from the WII fit though I think it is likely the most accurate.

Sigh, so now what. I have kicked myself out of ketosis, have to start all over. This is why they say not to bother with cheat days I guess.
The worst part is I still have no power! Not to mention half a bag of chips sitting at home that I didn't eat.
Its possible that my crown may not stay so shiny today but I am going to do my best.
Not so bad so far, coconut curry chicken soup and almonds.
Hope the power comes back on . I will post pics of the snow storm it was pretty incredible!
I am happy today to see the sun and hopefully I will be able to get to see D. Been a week, that does not sit well with me! I am working on looking at the positive.. sitting in the dark in 3 layers of shirts trying to be grateful for the quiet... yeah... sure.

lol OK well more to report next week. I can hear my little inside voice, if I make an excuse today I will make another one tomorrow. Before I know it I will be telling myself that Monday is a good start day and it will be game over.
I have a tiny grip on my brain still so I better stick to being on plan while I still have my sanity! No cheating!

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