Thursday, February 20, 2014

Keto Day 4. The keto flu sets in

I thought maybe just maybe I was going to get lucky and not go through the dreaded "keto flu" or "induction flu" as most Atkins followers will know it as.
I am today slightly fevered, headache, feeling groggy and generally want to go to bed. The way I look at it, I have been spending a good portion of my days dealing with an undiagnosed auto immune issue that leaves me feeling like anyways so Meh, I am not too concerned about it. At least THIS I know will pass.
Changes I have noticed thus far have been my water retention is less for sure. My rings fit better and my hands are always the first place that I notice water retention.
my Skin is beautiful! In just 4 days of having a diet that is roughly 40% fat 50% protein and 10% carbs I can see a difference in those tiny things.
I have been doing alot of educating myself though and looks like I am still a little off in my ratios. in order to achieve an actual ketogenic diet that will get me "keto adapted" )meaning that I will be burning ketones for fuel in the body and not glucose) I should be eating about 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs. That is harder than you think !
I have found the magic man though, I discovered Jimmy Moore. He is a wonder in the world of ketogenic diets. He has made it a mission to help educate people about the world of ketogenic eating.
I am going to stop referring to this as a diet going forward I think, just a side thought, I think that it maybe messes with your mentality if you think constantly that you are on a diet.
I will not bore you with all the " what I ate for breakfast" details, all you need to do is to cruise facebook to see enough of that from people.
I am more interested here in the science of this and the health benefits it can have.
I have been listening to a few podcasts on the subject, well OK, lots of them as I am in that hyper focused place I get to when I really want to learn something.
Our bodies are such amazing machines and science cannot be refuted as propaganda.
All I know is so far, ( I have not weighed myself due to the amount of water I have been drinking I think that the results may be inflated) but I do know that I feel better in my body. Yes, even through the dreaded "keto flu".
Also, just as another side note, for anyone who is thinking of giving this a shot, on one of the podcasts I was listening too they recommended an amino acid called GABA which promotes relaxation and decreases neurotoxicity. This has proved to be fabulous at decreasing the sugar cravings. I basically have none.
I did however have two glasses of wine last night. I did so knowing full well that they may set me back a day and that they may make the "flu" symptoms a little worse today. They did. Thats OK, they were wonderful and I have gotten right back on the wagon today.
I am continuing to measure my blood sugar because as I understand it , it can be a way to measure if you are effectively in ketosis. It can also be a way to measure what foods effect you in what way.
Example today at lunch I know I had too much protein, I had grilled spicy tuna and some edamame.
Excess protein can turn to glucose in your blood, this was the case today, my sugar as up around 5.7 2 hours after eating. I would like to see it consistent about 3.9 or 4.
Up with the fats I go.
I will continue to report, I have not decided when to weigh myself, likely Sunday morning, that will make it 6 days and hopefully enough time for my system to have normalized a bit.

Cheers for now!

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