Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Green Coffee Bean Trial Days 5 and 6

Well, I hate to say it, but after a birthday party and a food filled weekend I have indeed lost 3 pounds.
I am going to weigh myself every few days to keep track but so far numbers dont lie.
There is a catch though, I am dehydrated I can tell, I have been cranky, emotional, and generally feel like I have been sucking on a lemon.
I was mindful and decided to up my water intake but yesterday I didn't and I can feel the difference.
I have read a little bit of literature that says they can be dehydrating. As far as the cranky and emotional, all of those things can also be chalked up to dehydration, couple that with the fact that it is a busy month with two kids birthdays and company every weekend it is no surprise that I am bagged.
I wish I could staple my mouth shut though when I get in that head space. I am terrible because what I want is to be scooped up and snuggled, I am very very bad at just asking for that so instead I will either sit silently and will happiness into existence or i will get snarky. ( I really love that word).
So far thankfully I have resorted to being quiet with the occasional overflow of silly " I appreciate you yadda yadda" speech.
I better get myself rested and hydrated soon or I will end up crying in the corner because the cat looked at me the wrong way!

If I find that after day 30 and I am all hydrated that my mood is still affected then there may be something to that although so far I have found no evidence to support it.
So it snowed yesterday and forced me out of a warm nest with D, into my car and driving through a blizzard at 8 am. That maybe did not help my frame of mind yesterday to a great deal, I was looking very much forward to spending the morning being able to sleep in and then drink coffee, feel lazy with him and start my day with leisure.
Oh well, just a day I guess, I was looking forward to it though!
Its the kiddo's birthday today. * slapping on my happy face*
Going to grab a glass of water and hope tomorrow feels a little less "snarky"

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