Thursday, February 6, 2014

Green Coffee Bean Trial Day 2

Well here is an interesting fact for you! I slept like a baby last night!
I took the supplement at about 6 when I had my food and I found through the evening I had alot of energy but not the energy that comes from drinking 15 cups of coffee.

I looked into it and actually you are only getting the amount of caffeine that is in about a cup of coffee with the 600 mg of Green coffee bean extract, that tells me that either I just ate really well yesterday or that the extract had some effect on my system that made me feel energized.

I did an initial weigh in this morning. 162 lbs. I am only 5'3" if I stretch so I could stand to lose a few for sure.
As I said before, Weight loss of course is something I want to achieve but this test is more about how I feel in general in my body. It is theorized that the green coffee bean extract has powerful antioxidants.
Sometimes I think antioxidants are kind of like Santa and the Tooth fairy, everyone really really wants to believe in their power but at some point you just want some sort of proof.
I am definitely in that camp. I want proof.
So, day 2, Pre food Blood sugar is 5.9 and I just took my GCBE (green coffee bean extract).
Check it again in two hours and see how we are. Average sugar without GCBE extract over two days according to my blood sugar monitor is 5.8.

So, I kind of like being my own science experiment.... not weird right?

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