Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Green Coffee Bean trial. Day 1

So When I was at work the other day, I noticed a bottle of Green Coffee Bean Extract on one of my co-workers desks. I had heard a little about it but had actually just dismissed it as another weight loss craze that would likely make us all either fatter or just severely strung out on caffeine.
I was surprised to see it on this person's desk though, because she is not a subscriber to most fads, and really is very logical, taking most of life with a grain ( or pound ) of salt.

I was intrigued so I asked her about it, she told me that there had actually been a few studies and that there were fairly good health benefits as well as weight loss results.

Weight loss results you say..... Well that was it, I had to know more.
Off to the computer I ran!

So as it turns out, there is more too this little bean ( in theory ) than I thought.

A few studies have posted some results in a controlled environment using 16 test subjects that all lost an average of 17 pounds without changing diet or increasing physical activity... me, I am very sceptical.

It was not the weight loss entirely that I found so interesting though, its what the bean does. I read that it helps your blood to process sugar differently, in effect keeping it down so keeping your blood sugar down.
This of course stops sugar from turning to fat, stops your body from producing too much insulin, etc etc.
I have been already checking my blood sugar daily given my current state of health, so I thought what a perfect time to conduct a little experiment.

I have had to balance my diet and give up on my pescatairan quest while I sort out what I can and can not be eating with my doctor, so I am back to a mostly normal diet of eat what I want ( of course gluten free ).
The green coffee bean extract seemed to show up at just the right time to peak my interest and turn myself into a human experiment. I can believe my own results more easily than I can believe a study.

Its simple. take 3 caplets before lunch ( 200m per cap) and three before dinner. Change nothing else.
I discussed it with the lady at the holistic store and she directed me to the right product, it must be an extract that is more than 45% chloregenic acid, anything less than that has too many fillers and will be ineffective.
Well, how else to begin than to begin. I took 3 caps at lunch today and my sugar reading two hours later was indeed a few numbers lower than it has been the last few days ( 4.7 instead of 5.8). Could be a fluke, I wont know until I am through a month which is what they did the study on when they used the 16 trail patients.
So far I am not jittery, I have not found myself to feel anything other than normal and alert.
The teller will be if I can sleep tonight I guess. But hey, I am always up for an experiment and if the hype is at least half true, then it may be just the breakthrough I need in life right now.
We shall see!

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