Saturday, February 15, 2014

green coffee bean results and 30 day Keto time.

So I was going to do this quietly and then I realized as I was stuffing a gummy candy in my mouth because no one would know I had cheated, that I can not do that.
I made a commitment to myself this year to try and break out of my shell a little. This includes writing this blog and I am committed to at least sharing my health struggles.
I have been humming and hawing with the idea of a full fledged Ketogenic eating plan for awhile. I have dabbled in low carb before. If I am being totally honest I always feel better than i ever have once I get through the first few days.
My joints dont hurt, my head is clear and I am losing weight.
I am actually not sure how I ever managed to fall off the wagon again, but somehow I ended up right back where I was, stuffing my face with sugar and starch and feeling terrible.
There is some serious research that speaks about ketogenic diets and the effect they have on auto immune disease and inflammation. SO I am going to begin tomorrow.
There is a big learning curve to be had here, the last time I did a low carb plan i was just doing it my own way. This meant I was not really paying too much attention to what I was putting in my mouth as long as it once had a face and I could not see a carb count on the label. That is unhealthy and I know it.
There is a real science to ketogenic diets. I know that they tend to really stir up a contraversy and most people will think I am nuts. I can live with that.
D may think I am nuts but he is such a live and let live he will never say so. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that guy?! I am so spoiled.
In any case, this is my new plan.
The findings for the green coffee bean for 8 days was a drop in 3 pounds. I believe it was water weight and I found myself moody and very thirsty. My opinion is that they MAY have weight loss benefits but I dont see how it can be sustainable and I didnt feel very good while I took them.
Tonight I have had a carb fest, Chips, ice cream, gummies. It is my daughters birthday party so that has been my excuse.
Tomorrow I will start my day with a few eggs, some full fat cream in my coffee and maybe some bacon if I am feeling adventurous.
Starting weight is 160 lbs.
I will keep you posted. My commitment is 30 days.

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