Thursday, February 13, 2014

Green Coffee Bean day 7 and 8

Well I may be at a small issue in my coffee bean trail. The bottles are 20.00 each and with the suggested amount of 1200m a day to effectively lose weight, the bottle I have is going to run out tonight.
I am not sure that I can justify spending another 60.00 to accomplish the whole 30 days on this plan. It just does not make financial sense for me to do that on a science experiment basis.
So, this trial just became an 8 day trial. I will post my results tomorrow.
In the mean time I have made a few more choices in my quest for health. I have decided to seriously take out the sugar and most of the carbs from my diet. This again is a health choice, I have been informed by my Dr that I am facing inflammation and autoimmune issues ( duh ) but not blood sugar.
You do not have to go far on the internet or in any medical research to find evidence to support sugar irritates inflammation. Simple (bad) carbs turn to sugar in your body largely due to the fact that we consume far far more than we need.
I think that in my personal case they are also helping to grown Candida ( yeast) in my body which can lead to all sorts of things like the brain fog and the fatigue and even the hives that I get.
It can not hurt to see how it affects me to take them out for a while and see what comes of it.
Today I began being very mindful of it. just sticking to protein and veggies and lots and lots of water.
I have tracked down a few low carb pod casts to continue my research and well, I will let you know how it goes.

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