Thursday, January 23, 2014

On my way to throw a tantrum

I am done.
I am going to the Dr today and I am going to get answers. It is all well and good to be patient and just accept that the human body is a mystery blah blah blah.

I am going in there today armed with a list because I lose my words when I get in a situation like that, they dont come out right and this one needs too.

I am going to ask for a full blood work up, I want him to check everything. I am tired all the time, I mean all the time. I wake up in the morning and my entire body is shaking, literally and for no reason.

I am tired of just plugging along with the millions of " oh well it might be this it might be that"
I know enough about the human body and about medicine to know that sometimes you have to dig a little deeper, at the end of the day I am 34 years old, basically a baby in the grand scheme of life and I want my energy back.

I do not want to always be the one falling asleep, saying that I have a headache, breaking out in hives or god knows what else.

I am lucky enough my person accepts all the broken bits of me and just rolls with it, but I don't accept it. I WON'T accept it any longer.

Whew, rant over. I am not even nervous about going in for my appt because I have done this so many times before.
All I know is that it is not in my head and frankly my next step is going to be to go to a naturopath who I probably trust more and who will likely listen to me more closely.
Sadly, my GP is covered by medical so I am going to start there... again.

On another note, I have being doing well ( ish ) with my food choices. Divine Sushi dinner with D last night, we spent an hour and a half in a fantastic busy sushi café and had a great meal.
I think Sushi may be one of life's perfect foods, it takes just the right amount of time to be an event and you leave feeling full and guilt free! Well, unless you have tempura everything but as a celiac I cant do that anyway.
I am on my 5th cup of coffee for the day, I know how horrible that is, I still feel like I could nap. This is stupid.

weee, little miss Mary sunshine today! I will update later on what the Dr says.


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