Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Look before you eat

So fine, I will talk about the doctors appointment.
After I completely humiliated myself in the office by breaking down in years when I walked in, I had a great conversation with my GP. He is testing me for diabetes.

Well, I knew that was going to happen. I am doing alright with it. I feel though every time it eat now it is like a snake that is going to bite. I guess I just want to know.

I ended up with that terrible flu but now, I can't seem to get back on track with food. I am still nauseous every time I try to eat. I have no appetite at all. So I keep asking myself, was it a flu? Am I feeling sick from the flu still or was it something to do with blood sugar?
I am going through the tests now, they made me a pincushion yesterday morning. This weekend I have to walk around for a day with a bucket. ( don't ask and no it's not that ) .
I guess I just wait. I feel like I am waiting for vacation. Excited to get an answer and feel better again.
So for now , research research research. Learning what I can .
Maybe it won't be that but maybe it will. I am just excited to get back to the person that I deserve to be and the person D deserves to have in his life , and my kids. The person that has a ton of energy and is calm not nervy and jumpy.

I am in here and I am vibrant.
Until then I am napping away in my cocoon. It's warm in here

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