Monday, January 27, 2014

Fever revelations

The sequence of my weekend.
I had this giant post written between the photos but of course mobile blogger decided to not post the text. Basically I went from feeling on my death bed, to haveing dillusional fever revelations and at the end of it my amazing man sends me this photo that he took of me.
( click here to see more of his art at :Twisted little playground)

and I came out of my flu feeling like I had gone through a war and had come out with a clear head.
I am going to write. I have been afraid to do it for so long, afraid to even say so, but now. I am no longer afraid.
Also going to live out loud, I had colour! I still do, I was just living monochrome for a bit.
No more,
Fever, funny what your body forces you to look at sometimes.

This was me this weekend

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