Tuesday, December 24, 2013

One year post apocolypse.

Last year at this time I was happy just to have the chance not to screw my life up farther. Check and mate. Makes me wonder what the next year looks like. When I had Christmas last year I am alone and totally headstrong about it. Working two jobs and determined to just be a mom and forget the rest of it. Getting ready to begin a new career path and desperate for the holiday season to be over so I didnt have to think about the things missing in my life or the giant bills above my head. I would go to sleep trying to find positive thoughts and remember the things that made life wonderful. last Christmas eve i hid in the kitchen and waited for it to be over. This Christmas, I am going to pick up the person that I actually never thought I would meet. I am as fabulous and independant as I have ever been, I am crazy, like stupid awesome crazy about my boyfriend, I have a good job and despite the insanity that has surrounded this year, I am excited about Christmas. The Mayans were right. After a year of reflection I have decided yes, December 2012 did mark the end of an era, a circle or even a "world" if you want to get technical. It was a new beginning for me, it was the very rock bottom and then I had no where to go but to rise. Merry Christmas.

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