Friday, November 22, 2013

Life with Urticaria

I have spent alot of time on this blog being silly, dreamy, sleepy, and grumpy. I am sure if I tried very hard I could think of a few more of the 7 dwarves that I could check off my list as well. One of the few things I rarely get into though is being serious. Sure I have spent alot of time talking about life changes and how I should make them. It was all well and good when I simply wanted to lose some weight and be a sassy ginger ready to take over the world. I am that sassy ginger and the world is mine on many levels. I have a great job, I have a love that is one of those "does not come along every day" things, I have a beautiful family and acutally things are pretty easy in my life. All exept one, and I thought that it was one thing that I could not control. I have an auto immune disorder called "Urticaria". So, If anyone has read along this blog they will remember that last year I began to have skin issues. I thought there was a million things going on. I thought I was dying, I thought I had bed bugs, I thought that it was stress. I thought everything bad that a person could. As it turns out what I have is called "urticaria". It is chronic hives. Some of them do not go away for weeks. Some of them come up and go down. They are brought on by an over production of hystamine in the body. As I am sitting here typing right now the waistband on my jeans moved over just a smidge and now I have a hive I can feel rising where it had been sitting. This is a portion of my issue called " delayed pressure urticaria". The worst thing you can do is scratch ( which I just did ) because they get worse. My hands and arms are right now itching because its cold in my office. Sadly if they were too hot they would do the same thing. I "allergy" eyes all the time because I am constatly reacting to outside world but it is not an allergy that an antihistamine can fix. MY body is allergic to imaginary allergens like touch and pressure change. Believe me you do not every really want to know the things that have caused hives. A few weeks ago I stumbled on a documentary about a man Joe Cross called "fat sick and nearly dead". He has the same issue as me and he claims he has cured it by doing a 60 day vegetable juice clense. I really considered it after watching the show, so I began to do some research. I found that although I think the concept is a pure one, it has become like most "diet fads" a money making industry that now sells the product of "healing your life through juicing". I can't really blame the guy, he did an amazing thing and is just trying to make money doing what saved his life. I think Joe Cross may have also saved my life though, I can control this thing that controls me. I have gone insane for a year trying to find a cause so that I can find a cure for my issue. The more I read and learn about Urticaria the more I understand that it is in most cases "idopathic". This means that the root cause is unknown. I know this, my body is crying out for help and I am going to do what I can to help it. So, I went back to the books, the internet, documentaires, anyting I can find that can help me understand what I can do to heal myself from the inside, heal my disease and stop feeling like I am under seige all the time. I have some home, I am going to try and be vegan for a month and as much of it raw as I can. I am a little low of faith as I have tried alot of things before but Maybe just Maybe this will be the thing. I am afraid for sure, this is a change that is going to be a hard thing to do, I may not eat alot of things but I love what I eat. I LOVE food. I have read alot of testimonials claiming to LOVE vegan food too. We shall see.

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