Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The Flap.

This morning I had a singular moment of victory. I developed a habit just after my daughter was born of putting my hands on the base of my stomach when I wake up. Checking out the HUGE scar that is across my abdomen  It never really left, this morning ritual is I think a way of getting my around my physical self upon Re-entry to conscious thought  or something.

In any case, I am seldom really aware that I even do this but this morning I realized that " the flap" wasn't flapped over any more.

That horrible and annoying thing that has been called everything from a pooch to a mother's apron. It is the bane of all women who have had C-sections.

So I felt victorious, motivated, and surreal ( OK I got a little teary) I am on my way to achieving the outer  healthy me I want. I feel like it is time to think about exercises again. Maybe really time to get back into shape.  Eff you apron! I won this round. * happy wiggle*

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