Thursday, October 10, 2013

Follow Through.

You know, I have started so many blogs, I have started so many projects. I have had the best of intentions and it never fails that I lose interest. Every time. It is not that I decided I am no longer interested but it seems that as a project chugs along It becomes less of a focus or something shiney pops up in my view and POW. Project forgotten. I think half of the issue is that I come up with these huge and complicated plans and goals. Maybe what I need to do is just to keep it simple. Set clear goals and stick to them. Right now I have two clear goals. 1) lose another 20 pounds 2) be debt free with savings. Thats it. I am calling them "Clean Goals". Nothing to fancy or complicated. I guess then the questions begin to rise up.. how? Well, I know for a fact that I have to get rid of debt and there is only one way to do that. Single minded NOT SPENDING. Sadly I have the same addiction to shopping that most addicts have to drugs. This is nothing new I have said it all before. I have done well so far this year. I have managed to save 950.00 in my investment account and 600 in my shares option for work. I have considered of course taking this money and paying out my debt but it would only make a dent and frankly I would spend it again I know I would. Life makes it too easy to get at the funds. I can cut up my cards if I want too but there is still online banking and because of my job I know too much about the banking system to be fooled into thinking that I can't get at it.. I KNOW I can. This means it is going to come down to plan old will power. I need to find a way to become addicted to saving money. I need to be a junkie for watching it grow not watching it go. So, I have upped my contributions to be 10% of my income. I am commited to saving 10% of everything I make in ONE savings account not in many. Clean goals, keeping it simple. I really think this is the key. I am then taking 20% of what I make and paying down debt. Everything else is for me. I am thinking that it may take longer this way but when I DONT spend it then I will get some breathing room. I am thinking for the first while it may have to be 10% to debt just simply due to limited income. It will work in time I know. I am also thinking tht I have to have a plan to determine what debts get paid first. If I go at it too hard then I know I will not be successfull because I will need the funds I have paid back. I am going to attempt to find the money I was putting into smoking and put it to debt as well. I am not buying cigerettes any more and that is helpful. Part two is that I am not going to spend money "out". The only time that I will make an exeption is going to be one day a week that I can spend money when I am out with D. It is not reasonable or fair to think that he will pay for everything. I would never be able to live with myself so I will have a small budget for that. I will call it my social budget. I am going to do all of this up on paper and see what it looks like. As far as the other goal, well it is pretty well taking care of itself I can not eat fat due to a suspected gallbladder issue and I am melting away beneath my clothes. I can not complain this is fantastic. I just have to be sure that I am eating enough to not feel sleepy all the time. I need to have follow through on this and I need to have patience. If I have learned ANYTHING this year so far it is that the most amazing things in life really are worth waiting for. I am such an instant gratification person but I have learned in my life this year that when you wait for somethings, they are that much better. Now I need to focus on these goals, not just in talk but in doing. Ready Set Go. Hope the flea still has follow through.

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