Thursday, October 24, 2013

And just when ya thought you were comfortable!

Well, Its a good thing that I find change exciting. I also find change terrifying but more exciting than anything). I got word that I am being moved ( again) for a new job position. Monday. Today is Thursday. I am pretty excited because it is another small step up, another small increase in pay ( yay ) and generally a progression in what I want to be doing with work. So, yay me. Nothing like not having alot of time to get your head around it though! I heard rumbling that it may happen on Monday, found out for sure Tuesday. I can not tell you how happy I am going to be. I feel driven again. I feel hungry to prove something and to be on TOP. I felt like this when I was writing my MF examination. Coming back to the place I am at now has been well, depressing in alot of ways. I didn't really want to leave where I was, I didn't really want to work with people who knew me "before". It has been a rough go and actually I have been sick most of the time I have been here. I have to wonder how much of that is really my body protesting to the fact that I didn't want to come to work every day. I MISS the feeling of loving to go to work every day. I am very much hoping to get that back. The latest development in my stupid physical health though is that I have some sort of infection ( or something) in both my eyes. It started in one but now I can not see well, its blurry. it hurts and is all bloodshot today. *sigh* off to the DR I go for lunch today. Get some sort of antibiotic i guess. I tried very hard to avoid that as I really really really dislike the use of Antibiotic and I use natural medicine whenever I can. I am fairly knowledgeable when it comes to natural medicine I have made it a point to be. One day I may even start a blog to that effect, who knows! Anyways off on another adventure! More later.

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