Thursday, September 12, 2013

The importance of "me time"

My Dad said to me once, " when either your mom or I go, the other one will host a funeral and have 300 strangers there". He was right. When he passed and we had his service my mom was meeting alot of people for the first time who were good friends of my Dad.
They had the best relationship I have ever seen because they got something very right. They were two people and remained that way. ( I am getting to a point here ). I found myself this morning thinking about how happy I was to wake up with D, go through the morning ritual of coffee, internet and spattered conversation as we tried to come up from the pull of sleep.

I was thinking on the way home that I felt so wonderful when I am in that bubble. And, I am thrilled to know that tonight I am home and it is all about ME. I will put on something that I look silly in but will be comfy. I will likley have my hair in a messy pulled back something or other but it will not be in my face. My face will be shiney and without make-up and I will be curled up infront of a game or a movie or maybe with a book. Maybe with the kid. maybe i will sleep at 730. The point is its a "me night" and that matters.

It is vital my personal survival that I never lose that. Thankfully my man is a similar creature and he needs the same thing. I am a big believer in ( even if you have the same address) each person having space and time where they can check out from the reality of life, relationship, responsibility or simply the need to speak to another person. I learned this well from the example that was set out for me.

When I was younger of course I had the romantic notion that people joined at the hip and did everything together.. I can't imagine.

So anyways I was just thinking this morning about the importance of Me time. Just random thoughts

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