Thursday, September 19, 2013

accidental date.

Today I am in hiding.
Do not feel like being at work, do not feel like talking to anyone, do NOT feel like hanging out on Facebook as usual. I am enjoying the anonymous scrolling on google plus this morning.

Nothing is wrong, I am actually very happy, not overly sleepy, not sick, not anything except insular. VERY insular, making it difficult to be forced out among the human race today.

I had to most wonderful afternoon, evening yesterday. I love impromptu dates! Driven by starvation D and I  decided on Sushi for dinner and we managed a table on short notice to the place you can NEVER get into on short notice!.

As we were sitting there I had the girlie realization that indeed it was the 18th so it was some sort of a month-a-versery. It was infact 8 months. Hard to believe actually. I loved the fact that neither one of us knew that when we decided to go out, we went out to hunt down good food.

It was not a big deal of course, but I couldn't not help a moment's reflection on the time I have spent with him so far. Seems a million years ago that I was pacing around work like an anxious wildcat waiting to meet the guy for dinner and then drinks. A million years ago since I could hardly find a sentence when I sat in front of him, and yet, I still have a hard time spitting out how happy he makes me. I tend to just say something silly or cross my eyes and make a face.
Sticking my tongue out also seems to be a standard "go too".

 My stomach still flips but not with nerves, just with the "happy" that comes when you know you are going to see " that" person.  If you have never had that I wish feverently that you do sometime because it is still new for me and damn, it just does not get old.  Not the girlie "oooh squreeeeeee" but the " oh hell yeah! can't wait to tell them about the 17 hilarious things that happened today and the 12 that were terrible and then hang out doing not much"

the transition from silly girlie dating jitters too him being my best friend.

Also on a totally other note, work is good. My life is good, I really have no idea what to write other than I felt like writing. " babble babble" I will let it go at that for now.

Fuck yeah. Thanks Life..

Insular.. its a fun place to be today. :)

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