Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Moment of Grace.

I had the most amazing experience on the weekend, this is just the first chance  have had to write about it.

I was driving up to see D on Sunday afternoon and lost listening to my audio book in the 18th century. I thought that maybe there must be a car accident because of how slowly traffic was moving but it was a beautiful day so I paid it little heed.
It began to occur to me that there were cars pulled over on the side of the and people all out with cameras.. so I looked..


Not just the few that I saw either, as it turned out it was a bit of a phenomenon, there were 25 Orcas playing in the water that day. I had no ability to pull over, the road was full, but I SAW them.  This was different than the tiny dorsal fin I saw dip in the water recently this was full glory and a beautiful day.

I cried for all I was worth, I am not really sure what the connection is exactly that I feel to the sight of them, maybe just a respect for grace, but it moved me. The knowledge of something bigger, older than myself and totally unable to be named.

I felt like things were lining up to be wonderful. I saw the whales, Mom got a job. Things come in 3 ( yes they do) and so I was thinking " what could be the third thing? I think it is likely just the peace I feel. The simple joy in knowing that my life right now is good.

I was told by a random person that had knowledge in such things ( a meditation yogi actually ) that to see the Orcas was a blessing. I may have been among a lot of people who saw them but those whales were there for me. If I had left my house on time that day, I would have missed it. If I had driven the top road which I often do when I don't have to pick D up from work, I would have missed it. I was in a state of total bliss driving along minding my own world.

There is no way to really make sense of something that people take so for granted around here, they are actually as common as seeing a bear or a cougar, but for me it was a moment of grace, a single moment where all other things stop and you simply appreciate something for being beautiful.

Is it a blessing? Do I believe in such things? well, not in the traditional sense no, but I believe in something older, I believe in the elements that are around me and I am grateful that I have that one moment in time for always to remember when I need  a moment of grace.

Possibly a moment where you meet yourself?  Food for thought.

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