Monday, August 12, 2013

Lucky weekend.

Well, I won 250.00 at the casino this weekend. I decided that when I sat down the machine was going to give me money. Low and Behold it did. D sent me virtual 4 leaf clover just before, I have also decided that is the luck I needed to win a bit! Had the strangest dream last night. I was in the ocean, I think I had been shipwrecked or something of the sort. I was unafraid which was odd as I am deathly afraid of being "in" open water. I love to be on the water but in it is a whole different story. anyways I was there , it was dark and I could see dorsal fins all around me. Not sharks but whales. This whole whale think is getting a bit much but aparently my subconcious did not think so. I watched them breaching around me and then I felt one push against my leg. Warm slightly rubbery skin and a force to be reconded with. It was so lucid. I was not afraid but more comforted in knowing I was not alone in the water. That was the whole dream. Left me feeling dreamy today. Its raining for the first time in about a month. I have begun my diet today . I hate calling it a diet, how about my "new lifestyle" yeah that works better. Rain and the fall always make me feel creative in a way that no other season does. I bet if I looked back through the blog I could find a rainy day post that says exactly that at another point. Anyways just wanted to record my dream. So looking forward to my evening. Feel like I have hardly seen D in the last week or two just with houseguests and busy times. Really looking forward to it.

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