Friday, August 2, 2013

It matters to be thought of. It really is the little things in life.

Some people are so used to being considered that it never strikes them as odd. They never take time to appriciate the fact that a person took a few minutes out of their day and devoted those minutes to them. It can be nothing more than dropping a note to say hey.

Some people are so used to being the ones doing the considering they are struck dumbfounded when they find out that someone thought of them.. see where this is going?

It really is the little things in life. So I am a bit of a techie as I have likely stated in the past. I like my toys I like it when they are dressed up in bling and I like to update the bling as often as possible. Every once in a while you get a little something that just rules and of course those are the things that break.. sadly I am talking about my iphone case.

I know I know.. I acutally feel slightly shallow writing that paragraph but I really liked it!!
I got to D's yesterday and he had bought me a new case. Granted half of it was that he was curious as hell to see how a 3D printed Iphone case would work out, but still and all I was so thrilled to be thought of. He does that though, he thinks of me. I am pretty lucky acutally.

In anycase ( get it.. any case ) it was made all the better by being camera themed, complete with little shutter that slides up and down.. techie geek dream!!.. I am a spoiled girl.

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