Friday, August 30, 2013

In the silence.

I have never been very good at being quiet.  I have often made fun of myself for my knack of using alot of words to say something. The only time I am every really silent is when I am alone, but in the company of others, although I enjoy a comfortable silence, I can never maintain it for very long.

Even when I am not speaking my brain is going, 1000 thoughts whirling around by the second. Always thinking 12 steps ahead of where I am at.

Last night for the first time I can remember in a long time I was just quiet. My head was quiet, quiet enough that I could enjoy reading a book for a few hours until I fell asleep. I was not alone either. I was with D, he was busy doing his own thing. we spoke a few times, it was completly amiable. I have not been that relaxed and at peace in a long time. I liked knowing I was there with the person I wanted to be spending time with but I also was content to just "be". Nice to be so comfortable with someone.

Dreary friday today, It is perfect for my evening plans. If I get my way by 6pm I am going to be in flannel PJ's and running around in Azeroth being an elf. Yep its a gamer night. Pretty stoked, been a long time since I have played but the rainy season always makes me want to warm my hands at my hearth ( computer) and snuggle down with Tea.  Have to get through my day first and as it is only 10am, I have a while to go yet.

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