Friday, August 2, 2013

in the cave, having a party.

Have you ever heard of being "in the cave"? No, I do not mean the little hidey hole that every man has as sanctuary. Thats a "mancave" I am talking about that mental state that is often refered to as "the cave". Some people do not go in the cave, they are always out and vibrant, and have to surround themselves with excitement all the time. Well, I have always been a person who really needed cave time but over the last few years I have rarley had cave time where I am not miserable and trying to solve life's mysteries. I discovered when I woke up today and acknowleged that I was somewhat in my cave, that I am not miserable, not even unhappy, acutally my life is fabulous. This makes the cave a much cooler place to be. My brain is on fire today with ideas, deep thoughts ( not the Jack Handy kind ) questions, etc. I feel good, great, amazing... but I do not feel like being around people or talking to anyone. My "get healthy" quest has been a little bumpy the last few days. ( puff puff ) but I am still in the right headspace, It is just they way that I work, takes me a long long time to make a big choice. I am impulsive my nature with little things but when it comes to choices that are really going to change my world, even for the better, it takes me a very long time to actually plant my feet and say I am done. Mind made up. I am close though, I am finding I do not enjoy smoking like I did, I am loving my electronic cig more than the "actual cig" the last while. I have also been extremley dizzy but I think that may be an after effect of diet change. Heading to the store to get a few supplements at lunch, I thinki I must be missing something. Anyways not much more to say today. Maybe later.. I guess I dont really feel like talking here either, Maybe I will just see what I can paint on the cave walls so I can come back and look at it later.

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