Monday, July 15, 2013

The wrong approach

I had a realization this weekend. I have been looking at this whole body image weight loss thing the wrong way. I do not see myself through the same lens that people see me through. I saw a photo taken of me this weekend and I thought, wow , that is a really pretty girl. I am so blessed ,for lack of a better word, I am a pretty fantastic human being. I have hair that most people would pull their teeth out for, I am smart, I am funny, a little weird, kind hearted, talented, etc etc etc.... I am also chubby. So freakin what? Now, don't get me wrong, I would like to be healthy and I would like to be downsized but I am so done with feeling crappy about they way I am now. I have way to much to be grateful for. 1) best kids ever 2) being fat is such a first world problem.. oh whaaaa I have too much to eat?! really?! 3) fabulous job where I have the chance to help people daily, yes I have to sit to do it but at least I have a job. 4) one hell of a fantastic boyfriend who thinks he is lucky to have me in his life. I will never stop appreciating what that feels like. 5) I am not wealthy but I have a few bucks in my pocket, a good portion of the world lives on less than 2.00 a day so really... can I complain? ( boohoo I cant afford to go eat at a restaurant? I cant feed my kids more than noodles? at least they have food!!) What I am saying is that I have been spending a few months looking at life the wrong way, I have been really focused on some of the great points in my personal life but allowing the lesser points to get under my skin. Enough. Done. Today I may not have the ideal shape looking back at me in the mirror but I am seeing one beautiful lucky girl . I embrace the stretch marks and the extra wobble, might not always be there but today it is. Frankly I would not trade any over the conversations had over a glass of wine or a good meal for the sake of not having either one of those things. So raise your wine glass in salute! Slange. ( Gaelic "cheers" ) Today I am proud to be me.

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