Sunday, July 21, 2013

Song of the day project

New game. Song of the day. Life has a soundtrack as I keep saying so even if I am not really keen on the artist I am going to put up songs that i think are applicable to my day on the days that i can think of one.
Today I am , well, still naked. Raw and vulnerable feeling. Not smoking, trying not to focus on the lack of "things" in my house as I exist on the scraps I have found around the house today. 
 I have so much to be grateful for but some days i guess it just takes alot of energy to be grateful. 
 I have no words for the amount of gratitude i have that I can vent now to more than just the quiet corner of the internet i call mine. I do not like to sound like i am going for a pity party though. So I am turning to music. It has always been there when I needed to say something in my day or just needed an outlet. 

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