Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Snarl Grrrrr!

I am crabby!! Was woken out of a gret dream to find out that I was still at home, it was the middle of the week. Also my stomach announced that I havd wheat gluten somewhere in my diet yesterday and my allergies are a mess. Bitch! Bitch! Bitch!. I do not want to feel bitchy today, I do not want to bitch at anyone and I do not want to feel like I am complaining but omg my stomach hurts! Anyways, a few good notes are that there is a farmers market outside work today which means live music at lunch! That and I have about 5 people from work that are doing the wishcloth thing activly with me. Ok, time to give myself a lecture. Everything I am cranky about today are very tiny tiny things. Middle of the week? well at least I have a job and acutally I really like it most of the time. Wheat gluten? Well last week I didnt have food so I guess I can't be to upset that we have been lucky enough to have family that is visiting and has brought some food along. ( I am pretty sure it was in the sausages I had for dinner, store bought and I didnt check them ) Allergies.. they suck but really I am at least in a place I can go to the store and get medicine to feel more human. There are people on the street about 25 feet from work's door that have it so much worse and are happy today. I still give myself permission to feel crabby but it is not without the realization that I really am so very lucky. ok Ok nothing good to say, I will get over it LOL. I have been chatting with D, that always makes me smile...

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