Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Don't sunburn your head

Just a word to the wise. Don't sunburn your head! It hurts! What a day. I am running on three hours sleep due to being a nerd and staying up to late hanging with D. ( again) Had a great Canada day though. Went down to a pier to people watch and then firework watch. I took the camera down with me in hopes of catching some amazing firework photos. They turned out alright but not nearly as spectacular as I had hoped. The funny part was when I opened my email the next day and there was a newsletter in it titled " how to photograph fireworks" Doh! too late. I am cranky today which is an uncommon for me. Thankfully cranky just means quiet. Just dont feel much like being out of my head today. Slightly frustrating as my head HURTS. Not the burn but a headache. It wont go away!!! A little piece of sunshine though, So D and I have been together for 6 months tomorrow. Well, as much as I can figure a date we got together. He asked me for lunch that night we talked late and long. It started for me then and I am fairly sure the seed of it started for him too, so it counts as closely as I can get anything too. I have never been a "month-a-versary" person but I think 6 is kinda cool :) Probably because I am really happy. So the plan for me tonight is to watch Glee, and sleep very very early, as far as I know I am not seeing D until Friday unless plans change, so maybe I will paint my toes and work on being fabulous for Friday lol. Feeling like being girlie tonight and pampering myself a little. If possible I am going to avoid the chocolate though.. 1 lb down and 19 to go for weight goal number one. I am taking this thing on literally one pound at a time. IF I think much bigger than that then I will feel overwhelmed I am pretty sure. Seriously though, If I get through today without indulging in snack food then I am a fabulous amazing and divine person because it has been one hell of a day !!! Until later.. remember.. don't sunburn your head.. besides, the peeling is ugly.

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