Thursday, July 18, 2013

Body Budget

SO here is my thinking. If you are in debt you do not wish it away. You do not stare at the 10.00 in your wallet and will it to grow. You do not make the same payments you have always made and hope that magically it will be enough to make the monster debt you owe go away. This is kindergarten math. 1+1=2 and if you need 3 no matter what you do it is not enough. Why the debt ramble? Actually it has nothing to do with finance ( for once). I am thinking about my body and my health and where I want to get too. I have been caught in the trap of generalizing. " I will eat better" " I will not eat X,Y,Z" " I will try not to gain weight when I quit smoking". This is all the equivalent to wishing away your debts with the intention of "doing better". What kills debt? A budget. What kills weight gain? A budget. Maybe it is my financial head that makes me soothed to turn to numbers on this one but I feel more in control if I have a plan and as I am getting ready to stop smoking I need to feel as in control as possible. So here are the facts. 1) I am by my own standards at least 20 lbs heavy and not in very good shape 2) smoking burns 250 calories a day if you smoke a pack a day 3) you need to burn 500 calories a day if you want to lose a pound a week. Math says that I need to burn 750 calories a day if I want to lose weight and be a non smoker. This actually makes it all seem way more obtainable. I can off the very tippy top of my head think of how to cut out 300 cal every day .. its just the rest I have to work on. I had myself thinking I was really good at the whole calorie thing. But actually I eat crap alot of the time. I am terrible for goodies at night. Not usually when I am with D, but that has alot to do with the fact that I eat late when I am there and we are usually having a drink or 6. Just ask me how mortified I was to discover that there is 250 calories in a glass of whiskey.. without mix. I do not want to be one of those crazy people that only thinks about weight loss but I have to give it some thought. So booze has to be one of the cutbacks. Seriously as much as I love to have drinks I need to limit it to maybe a night a week. I cant see my self wanting to drink much for a bit anyways because it really makes me want to smoke. I need to view this as specifically as I view a budget. That is the other piece of this. 9.10 a day on smokes.. seriously that is 273.00 a month which is 3822.00 that I have spent on smoking since I started again last may. WTF! So, I am going to put that money aside I have no idea what for yet, but I am thinking it will be a big "me" reward when I hit goal weight. I have never ever ever taken the easy approach I think that I actually work better under pressure, I know I feel a greater sense of accomplishment if I work under pressure so I am tackling this all at one time. I do not think that is setting myself up to fail, I think for many people it would be but if I do not take a ruthless approach I will find ways to talk myself out of it. I have so far bought 3 "last packs" of smokes. So calorie slash, save 9.10 a day and no smoking. Tomorrow just might suck lol.. luckily there is a light at the end of my tunnel.. spending the eve with D tomorrow and I refuse to be bitchy when I am there. Thank god for my little inhaler though.. it really does help. I feel better to have a budget, Its concrete, its flexible enough that as long as I stay withing the numbers I know I will be fine. I still get my "freeday" but that just translates into a day I am allowed to drink a little I think lol.. So, day one, 165 lbs and its game on.

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