Thursday, June 6, 2013


I was getting dressed for work this morning when I had an epiphany. Things have become tight around the middle again. I have been slipping. I know it, I have known it, and I am done with it. There is this wonderful things that happens when you are feeling good about life, you give yourself tiny permissions to indulge, especially when you feel like someone thinks you are the most beautiful creature that walks the planet. I like me, I am pretty good in my skin, but I do take issue with just how much skin I am walking around in these last few months. SO, this morning when I decided to wear a skirt I love and had avoided because it had become too big I discovered it indeed fit perfectly. Great for the day, not cool for what it meant. Slipping. So like all big decisions in my life I hit the mental wall of " ENOUGH" that I hit and I have begun my quest to shrink again. I have said it before I lack follow through alot in life. Its a Sagittarius thing I am pretty sure. I have great ambition for a day or two and then I am pretty done with it , something shiny will cross my path and POOF I am highly focused on something else. I can not POOF this time. I have one tiny goal, it has never changed. It has also never been accomplished. So here I go again. I HATE being mindful of food, I resent it. I love food, I think that food should be appreciated possibly revered. I also think bacon should be its own food group. My mentality is a little different however this time round. I am not feeling poorly about myself, I have no overwhelming desire to "improve" me. I just simply , vainly want to build on the fact that I feel sexy as hell these days. In any case, I have been mumbling about it for a few weeks now, time to get started. I suppose I could drink less wine.....

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