Thursday, May 2, 2013


Happy May! Its here!
It was Beltane yesterday, all day the sun was high and so were my spirits. Despite the fact that I was horridly hung over from a rogue urge to drink myself stupid with D the night before. I guess I was celebrating May's eve! lol

So Anyways, the lore goes that Beltane is the beginning of the growing season, time for renewal , time for emotional growth , the end of the sleepy depression of winter. It also goes that the veils between the two worlds is very thin on that day, I may not observe many spiritual things outwardly but I am telling you there was magic over the last 48 hours.  Sometimes it goes beyond words and worlds I guess. 

Something about doing what you love and doing it well in front of the person who matters!  I finally let my guard down and went out and sang in front of D. Sometimes it takes time to let the more in depth pieces of yourself show and for me Song is as deep as it gets. There are no filters there.

So happy Beltane. This post is a little disconnected but that is just because I guess some of the best things in life are the things you cant find words for. Even a blogger has to keep some things for herself.



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