Wednesday, April 3, 2013

my happiness project day 20.

Happy 100!!!!!!!!!! I have saved 100.00 in the no take out account so far. I have borrowed it but paid myself back. The Sun is out and aside from my stupid itching I am in a fabulous mood. I have had the urge to create the last while, I really want to write and I want to play my guitar. The urge to create and being inspired to create are two totally different things mind you, I don't have inspiration as of yet, I have the baby of an idea brewing in my head. Maybe going to karaoke tonight will breed inspiration. I have not picked up the happiness project in a few days, other than making sure I have transfered the money I have not been paying much attention to it. I think that is largely due to the issues I am having with sorting out my health. I have decided to chronicle that in a separate blog. There is a link to it on the homepage of this one. So, I am coming shortly to the end of my 30 days of saving the 5.00. I am not sure what to do with the money. I may run it for another 30 days as I can not think of anything I really need to get. I really need to get out of debt, maybe I should use it to pay on a card? Have to give it some thought over the next little while. Time is almost up.

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