Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Woke up driven.

So something snapped inside my head yesterday. I went for dinner with a few girlfriends from my old branch. One of them is a huge inspiration to me, she never quit she just pushed and pushed until she got what she wanted in life. I have that within me. It is to her that I owe alot of what I have had the balls to accomplish in the last year. I cannot sit back now and just ride the high, I have to keep pushing. I have a goal that I have to meet, its a number goal and a careerer location goal. 1) I have to get to a point where I am making up the deficit in my household income. As best I can figure it , in the very worst case scenario that is about 500 a month. I have come up some in my new job position but just not quite enough. Thats OK, there is higher rungs on the ladder. 2) I need to keep learning, keep climbing that ladder. I want to get back to the branch that challenges me and that I learn so much in. I need to be challenged. I waltzed into my bosses office at 830 this morning and said " I know I am still training but I want you to let me take the next course so I am qualified to apply for the next position level if the chance comes up." She looked a little surprised for a moment. I know my direct approach can be a little off putting for some people. But I made the case that I have a Carree path that there is no reason I should not be following as quickly as I can. hee hee she is taking it to the manager today to see if she can get approval. In the mean time I have decided to create that 500.00 in anyway I can. I will not accept my mother getting a job. I have been taking beautiful photos lately and have been learning as much as I can about how to do that. I might be able to sell the images. Some are pretty good, I think anyway. I also have my knitting which is not a quick money maker but if I can get a few projects ahead then I will have a little to sell. Sadly the other thing is I have to decrease my output a little. I really cant afford to eat out more than once or twice a month. Wine is in my budget as a sanity measure. I have to be careful not to do silly things like buy music or useless " stuff" . Ah well I am rambling a bit. Yesterday proved to be such a wonderful day on alot of levels though. Best part was falling asleep on the couch because I was so content and relaxed in another person's company that I could. My anxiety levels in my life in general seem to be decreasing by leaps and bounds lately and I feel brave. Fearless even. Driven.. I AM

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