Thursday, March 21, 2013

Trippin on Sunshine!!! Happiness Project Day 10

50.00 in the account and a whole lotta funds in my bank!

Yesterday proved to be a great day. I got a tax return I was NOT expecting.  HUGE bonus in my world. I guess its about intent right?

I decided that I should be mildly responsible and take down the credit card debt a notch, but only a notch, I had a plan to pay them down before I got the windfall so I am going forward with it.

I did indulge just a tiny tiny bit.. bought a tablet computer. I am in nerdy nerdy geeky love with its sleek shiny superfast self.  SO SEXY. It's " Tech Sexy" as I am fond of saying.

I would love to justify that it was a practical purchase, that I needed it for work or just for the ability to take my courses with me wherever I went but the truth is, it was time for a new toy. I also spent some time with D which was just the cake topper on my day. I needed some guidance on my new toy, been an "apple" girl for way to long I guess.

Photo show this weekend that I scored free tickets too through work, should be great, I love looking at the art others come up with.

I almost forgot to transfer the " no take out" money this morning I was so excited about everything else.

I have  a floor in my saving account now, this month is all about the savings and getting a plan in place to get debt under control while still focusing on increasing the things in life that make me "happy". So far, 10 days in its going well.

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