Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Happiness Project Part 2 Day1

Body image. That thing that plagues most humans pretty well every day. The misnomer is that it is a condition that just affects women. I don't buy that, I have known plenty of men that are either devastated by their body or far too in love with it. For me, it boils down to one thing. I have come too far on my journey to slip back into old bad habit now. I love food, I have gone over this before, food has been friend and foe for as long as I can remember. I have always attacked "weight loss" from a perspective that stated I cannot love food and have the physical self I want. Not true. After a year and a 30 lb loss I have definitely slipped the last while into some bad habit, too many treats, too many late night snacks, no exercise, etc etc etc. The result has been that I have gained back 5 of the 30lbs that I lost. My skinny pants I was so proud to get into are a little snug and I was mortified to discover that I was resting my hands on my belly the other night. For me, its about follow through again. I had a goal, It was to lose 60lbs. I think I was resting on my laurels the last while, it was Christmas, then it was New Years, then there was D and we all know that great food, wine and great conversation all go together far to well. It does not hurt that he makes amazing meals. Sadly I can't even blame my slip on that, I eat far far worse when I am on my own actually. I do not ever want to be lost under a flesh mountain again, I do not want to be aware of my extremities all the time. I am in a great mental place, much better than I was when I first started down this road, but it is time to continue the path of the next 30. So how? well actually its not complicated. Follow exactly what I did before, one day in the week where I can eat what I want , have what I want , not overdo it, and just be mindful the rest of the time. Physical fitness is going to be a challenge though, When I was going to " The Vertical Gym" I was going with a girlfriend. She and I came light years together but I don't have that now, I don't think it makes sense to go to another gym I can not really afford it and I would be intimidated by the environment being different. I have to think on that one. In the mean time I am just going to start small, walk on my breaks that sort of thing. Really it comes down to the food, I have to not snack on crap at night (gummy bear binge.. really???! ) So this is part 2. 165 lbs today , guess that means there is only one direction this can go .

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