Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Relay for life 2013

Plug plug plug. This is the only fundraiser that I actively do.

When disease moves in, it never leaves. It does not matter how invisible it may seem to be.

I have sat at the kitchen table with cancer day in and day out when dad was sick.  Saw it walk with him through his daily life.
Seen him give it the big " F.U." only to have Cancer give it right back.

I have ridden in it with the car, had Christmas, birthdays, births and deaths all with cancer hanging out at the party.

Cancer is that dude in the corner who lurks and you know he is up to no good.

I have seen Cancer steal people from me and laugh.

I still see it everyday smirking at me from photos that do not laugh anymore. Not just my father.. there are so many.

But there are so many that are still here.

I know that supporting large fundraisers like the relay for life has is controversy . I know that a large portion of the money raised goes to taking care of the people that work for the CCS ( Canadian Cancer Society). I know that there are likely things that Doctors could be doing and are not due to it being a large money grab.

I also know that I can NOT sit by and not show support.

I go to relay not because I think that my money will find a miracle cure, I go to show support and to laugh and cry with those who know what I mean when I say " when Cancer moves in , its a new family member that never really leaves"  I go to connect. I go because something happens there and after you go you are never quite the same.

Maybe I go because once a year I can sit and reflect on those quiet little ghosts that walk with me .

Support if you can. If not , as so often I could or would not support causes due to my own financial or moral judgements, I get it .

Thanks for reading.

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