Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Happiness Project Part1 Day 2

So, I have 10.00 in my no take out account. Now, to be fair I did get a coffee on the way back this morning from seeing D. It was early like 6am and I decided that it was a good idea after 4 hours sleep to stay ON the road. I used change out of the car, I figured it counted as day one, plus I still transfered the 5.00. I did not go and get a coffee on my break today though.. that was 3.00 saved. I have written out my list and have it in my wallet so that I can attempt to be mindful of the things each day that are a part of my list. I was discussing this last night actually , talking about "intent" and how powerful it really is. I was talking about the written word, I really believe that intents become more powerful, more concrete, if you can write them down. So far today I have made sure there is time for music (I sang in the car), I am writing, the blog is a great outlet for that, and I have saved 5.00 toward my savings goal. Going to read more of "The Happiness Project" at lunch today and see what Gretchen says today on academically becoming more "Happy". ~K Postscript: I am actually taking the time to edit my posts now, eliminate the annoying spelling error. I figure that falls under "having a clean environment". Nothing makes me feel more dense than reading back and realizing my grammar, punctuation and spelling are horrible because I was writing in a frenzy.

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