Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Happiness Project Part1 Day 1

So I started ready a book called " The happiness Project" by Gretchen Rubin. It is a personal account of how she took a look around her life one day and although she was fortunate, never took time to really be " happy ". The kind of happy you feel when you are a kid.. like being " inside joy" ( Quote from Star Trek Generations.. nerd alert) Gretchen Rubin decided to look into the science of being happy , and from what I gather thus far ( I just started the book ) She did not come at it from a hokey place. Not in the realm of manifestation and positive thinking but of action. She dove into scholars and her own mind. I am enjoying the read very much but it really has me thinking. What makes me happy ? I have said a few times over in the last few posts that I am defiantly more happy in my life, I can identify those things. In that same breath though it takes conscious effort not to over think the good things in my life and pick them apart until they are just the bones of happy. I am an over thinker by nature, and a worry wart to boot. It just may be on the top of my list to stop both of those things. So after Gretchen inspired my already inspiring day on my lunch hour I decided to sit down and write a list of what I define as " happy ". To be more specific what things ( actions) make me feel happy in my life. I came up with 16 things. 17, I just added one. They are as follows, and in to particular order. 1) kids 2) clean environment 3) completing projects 4) photography 5) writing 6) knitting 7) preserving 8) D Time 9) music 10) 500 floor in bank account 11) no debt 12) happy mom 13) more fit body 14) good food 15) cats 16) singing 17) learning. Thats it, that is my big major list. All of these things happen sporadicly in my life and I am thrilled when they do. It is my goal to incorporate as many of these things into my day as possible . Some of the above list obviously will take time. Some I cannot be responsible for .. well especially the one about " happy mom" . It does make me happy when she is happy because it seems to be a rare occasion these days, I also know it will drive me into the ground to try and make that a part of my quest. As far as I can see it, I know me, and if I set huge expectations for myself right now I will be setting myself up to fail. I have " completing projects" on my list because it has never been my strong suit to follow through. I start strong with the very best of intentions but I see something shiny and then I get sidetracked. So, I have a two fold plan to begin. First: I am going to give up take out coffee for 30 days, starting today (aside from the two free ones I have built up) I have been spending almost 5.00 a day or a little more on coffee's. I have gained a little weight and spent alot of money. I am going to transfer 5.00 a day into an account that I have set up called "no more take out" I cannot set up a manual transfer so I have to make a physical effort every day to find 5.00. I am finding it now so I am going to have to no matter what. If I have change then I will have to talk to the teller and deposit it to my bank account. At the end of this I will have 150.00 to begin next month. April 12 I will revisit this one. 30 days from today. Second: I am going make an effort to observe the other things on my list every day. Make sure I clean up after myself in my car, make sure I sing, make sure I learn something, take a picture, etc. Make time to tell the kids they rock every day. Make an effort to do one tiny thing to improve my environment every day. Just generally be more aware and observant of these things. The one thing I will commit to is to update the blog every day on the project. This is only part 1 but as I said before. I am going to do this in baby steps. I began by transferring 5.00 to the new account and writing this post. I have covered " writing and worked toward "500 floor in bank account" and it only took me 10 minutes! Tonight I will spend some time with D and hopefully by the end of today be enrolled in the big course I am trying to get permission to take through work. Through this all I am going to continue to read " the happiness project" for inspiration and just because it makes me smile. Onward! Tally HO!!

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