Friday, March 15, 2013

My Happiness Project Part 1 day 4

$ 20.00 in the "no take out" account. Today is the challenge though. I am sitting with about 14.00 to my name in my checking account, facing a Friday evening with D and feeling pretty broke. Normally I would have transfered out the funds by now, I am thinking that I can resist though. I am doing OK , Today is my "free" day anyways. The day of the week formally known as Friday. I figure it is part of staying sane to not have rules one day a week, even if they are only rules that make you accountable to yourself. Thats the whole reason that a person budgets for wine and food. I have been dreaming about what I am going to do with my "no take out" money at the end of the 30 days. More than likely it is going to go toward the tablet I want. Maybe I will enjoy the savings so much I will keep going. I have not found it overly taxing to put away the 5.00 a day so far. I have missed the gals at the coffee shop a little though! In the interest of being fair, I did go to see my sister and buy us coffee's on the way, that was different though, she has nothing in the house and needed a sister ear. We ended up watching a GLEE concert and dancing with a 2 year old. I actually cant imagine a more fun way to spend a couple hours with my Sibby. No more thoughts for now.. Got my FREE-DAY shoes on. Yeah, I'm going to be annoying and call it "Free-day" now. Sorry about that.

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