Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Happiness Project Part 1 day 3.

$27.00. That was the sad state of affairs in my bank account this morning, that money has to make me go until Thursday if I want to keep up with my save money and don't use credit mantra. The reality is that I will end up using some credit before the week is through. I will need gas, sadly I will need other provisions and frankly there is wine to be had on the weekend!! But still, $27.00 , not alot of money. I saved the 5.00 anyways. There is now $15.00 in my "no take out" account. That money does not exist though, I don't know what its purpose is yet but I know that it is not for my frivolity. I have decided to make up this project into 4 sections. Section 1 being money. Section 2 body, Section 3 self and Section 4 career. Not sure how that will translate on the blog but again, not really interested in that. This blog has never been about getting myself out there, just about getting myself back.

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