Wednesday, March 20, 2013

MY Happiness Project Day 9

$45.00 in the bank.

I do have an increasing sense of satisfaction as I look at that little balance growing. I have not noticed the " lack" of 5.00 a day so far and payday is tomorrow! I can see myself having a hard time spending it and starting over for sure if I decide to use some of it toward the tablet that I want to buy.
Its funny the mentality that goes along with this. I cannot justify sticking away 50.00 because that could actually be used elsewhere. I have a feeling of guilt associated with trying to save that kind of money. In my world 50.00 is alot these days. But 5.00, I actually didn't think I would make a week if I am being honest.

I have alot of thoughts today .. not sure how they will manifest just yet but there may be more blogging in my future today ... for now though.. $45.00!

Go me Go !

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