Friday, March 22, 2013

Happiness Project Day 11

Free-day Free-day.. getting down on Free-day!!!

well the song was in my head anyways, might as well make good use of it.
$55.00 in the account. Its "Free-day" and I am going to spend time with D tonight and go to a photography expose tomorrow. I really can not complain an ounce today .

Work is going so well too, I am getting back into the "working" groove. The last few weeks have been rough just sitting in an office doing courses.  I had done most of them already so I have had alot of time to just sit and contemplate the wall.  I may or may not have spent alot of time also watching episodes of GLEE on netflix and talking to D but that is beside the point.

The sun is out despite Mother Nature being drunk yesterday and making it snow.. Cute trick by the way, I was in clogs and got a foot full of cold water.  Nothing says " happy Spring" like squishing while you walk.

I have been a little slack with the whole not having take out coffee though.  I have still been saving 5.00 a day which was the point but I am staring at the cup that came from Carderos this morning on coffee break and thinking that there has actually been a few of them this week. I have to wonder if it matters as I am still saving everyday and that was kinda the point, or am I just keeping myself at the same level I was.

Something to contemplate for sure.. but not on FREE-DAY!.

I can hear the wine calling me now...
Happy Weekend all !

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