Thursday, January 3, 2013

Well I'm blonde. Can I have fun now please?

So I have made a strong descision. Alone. I would be alone. Not to say I am not open to life if it comes my way but I need to take this year and force myself to be all I am . and find out who lives in my skin. Gets back to what I was saying about " I AM " . My first step to this was to totally change who I see in the mirror. I went from my naturally red hair that has made people jealous my whole life and turned it blond. Still getting over the shock of that one. So now here I sit. Looking fabulous... Well different... And not knowing where to put my hands. I have always had an object of my affection. Always had someone I was thinking about. Now it is just me. 33 divorced and feeling like I just got off a boat and have no land legs. Wonder how long that one lasts.. Have I mentioned I am terrified! Step two to recovery is reading " eat, pray,love". That's is as far S I have gotten today.I was told however, that someone was suprised that I had reappeared on an online site. We had talked back in August but as you know I abandoned my quest to date then. He said "I just didnt think you would have stayed single long" .. kinda made my day.

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