Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Mayans were right.

Well , tomorrow I have an interview via phone for a position in the job I did the course for.
 I have no idea if it will go well, poorly, whatever, . I am happy for the chance to go through the process even if nothing pans out. I got to thinking this morning ( early early like 2 am when I was trying to be asleep) that maybe the Mayans were right. Something did shift. I cant say that there was a specific day, but at least in my life something broke free in December this year. I will admit when it was all said and done that I was one of the people that woke up December 23rd , looked around and said a silent " whew!". All the talk of the end of the world got me thinking how my life was not at all what I wanted it to be. That is a horrible place to be, but something snapped. It wasn't tangible, but it was real. I began to be alive again. I have found pieces of the woman that I remember being. I seem to have regained some of my snap crackle pop! Could it be there was a major shift in the universe.. sure it could , I think more accurately there was a major shift in my universe. Somehow I have put down the past, enough that I am actually thinking forward. It has been a long time since I thought the future might hold something for me, especially in my career. I have been simply existing and mentally withering with the need to challenge myself, the need to expand. Now, Since I have been given the chance and work to prove myself in this regard, I can see forward. Other things have given me a glimmer of possibility that maybe just maybe life has not simply come to a grinding halt too.

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