Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OMG OMG OMG Back to school

OK, So I have always been the person with great ambitions, awesome ideas and the follow through of a flea. I have begun countless projects ( including this blog) which I have abandoned as soon as I got bored. As I said, follow through has never been my strong suit. This time it has to be. I have been given a chance through my job at the position I desperately want. It is in the branch I want, it is the entry position to the side of banking I want to be in . The catch is that I have to pass a course in a month to become licensed before I am able to take the position. Now, this probably does not sound like too much of a challenge but the fact is this course normally takes about 3 to 6 months to complete and I have not studied in 15 years. I can not fail though, this is the only chance I am going to get at this so failure is not an option. I am terrified. My answer to all this stress has been to want to date. I have not gone and done that as it seems wrong somehow.. I know it isn't but in my heart it is. I think this is what lonely feels like.. real lonely. So , I am focusing on the course.. three chapters in and searching for that little thing called follow through. MY exam is December 12 at 6pm. I figure if I do not look at the big picture and just do a little every day that I will get through it. I think I need another vacation.

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