Friday, October 12, 2012

Enough is Enough . Atkins induction Tomorrow

I have managed very well for the last month to fart around with the idea of eating low carb and losing the last 20 pounds that have to go . Thats it by the way, only 20 little pounds to go until I reach my goal weight of 140. Technically it is 22 lbs but I am rounding down for motivational sake. Motivation Something I am seriously lacking at the moment. Well I was until I started reading a blog I found Called " Low carb Confidential " . Its fantastic if anyone wants to look it up. I thought when I read it if I could just make my focus about weight loss but maybe not all about it and get something more from it then I might stand a better chance. So this brings me to the blog. My happy venting place that has been visited by 389 individuals in the last year. Not bad considering it has been nothing but a gripe ground that no one could find lying around my room. Lying around the INTERNET is much more confidential!! HA HA! The moral of the story is that I am staring Atkins Induction tomorrow. I have a goal , I want 10 lbs gone by November 2. I know that sounds crazy but I have a reason and a plan, and I have the blog. I need a place to complain through the first few days. I need a place also that I can vent all the little things I find out , that I can celebrate my little " wow's" I fantasize about a book Called " Freckle Faced Loser" I think one day I may write it.. I think this may be the thing that makes that happen.. so anyways. Here goes.. I am off to get a super sugary mocha .. just cause tomorrow isn't here yet.

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