Friday, October 19, 2012

Celtic Eye Photography

I see the world with a Celtic eye. I was saying the other day that seeing with a camera lense is like seeing with a second sight or a " third eye". I drempt last night of Lochs I have never seen and Glen's I have never stood on. I hear the whipser of ancestors I have never met. It is the blood they gave me, the isles they stood on that gave me my unique " me". My " I am " . So , I think I see the world with a Celtic eye. Naturally I came to thinking this would be fantastic name for the blog on my photos that I will not admit I am considering making. Well ok so I secured the blog address this morning and then looked up places online to sell the photos. My camera is Sexy! meow! its like being in a new relationship but the other partner is completley co operative and does not talk back! hah lol , sigh, I guess that is a little sad but for today its cold comfort. SO, yeah, I guess if I admit it I am thinking of throwing the photos out there like a fishing line to see if I get any bites. Have to take a few first! I had a taste of " alone" last night. The small humans were out at a sleepover and my mother was busy puttering around. I retired to my computer for some nerd time and the glimmer of hanging out with " Mr X " for a while, only to find that he was no where in my land of dragons and really... I was tired. So I craweled into bed and put on "Fururama" , listened to the rain out my window and reveled in that feeling of being warm when you know its cold outside. It was nice but it was a new feeling. Alone. No need to keep an ear pinned for the sounds of " Mommy"? calling up the stairs. No lingering conversations with Mr X in my head. It was only me and I felt a bit like I was sleeping with a stranger. I discovered when I went to turn my mind forward to think of what I wanted in my life, what my dreams were I found an empty space. I must work on that. Incedently I drempt of animals the last two night. Owls the night before last and last night I drempt of large cats. Cougars and Tigers. I must look it up I know it means something.

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