Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stuck.... taking the reins

Stuck at 165. I have been stuck here for 3 months now. I am taking matters a step further. Today is day one of induction on the " Atkins diet " . I have done this eating program before and I find it an easy one to follow after I can get through the first week. Easier said than done!. Atkins does have a science to it, and frankly , now that I am working two jobs I do not have time to go to the gym any more these days. So I am just doing it and is just going to be what it is going to be. I have a 15 lb goal first. I will take stock and see how close I am to the Me that I envision. There is another piece to this weight loss journey I have discovered. Fly lady refers to fat as " body clutter". (If you don't know about " Fly Lady" google her, she is pretty amazing.) But Body clutter is hand in hand with emotional clutter as far as I can see it, so I am getting back to a place where I was once before my marriage to my latest ex husband. I lived in a place where anything was possible. I lived in a place where being focused on manifestation and attracting into my life what I want was a daily event. I find that as I am trying to focus I am being invaded by the thoughts that are negative and push through in my head. So I am in manifestation boot camp again. I have started another blog project called " the thrifty ginger" . This is focused on living a second hand first class life. I am determined it will be a successful blog. I have alot of great ideas so maybe a few will be worth writing down. As I decrease my mental clutter and get my focus back I am hopeful that my body will follow suit. This blog has become much more than the journal of a weight loss that I thought it might be, more of an " all about me " so I guess I am just going to go with that and see where it takes me .

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