Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The wrong kind of loser

Well I am getting a divorce. I have only said it out loud to one person although he has said it to a lot. It was all
My idea so I guess he has that right. He asked me last night why I seem so unaffected by this. I could have fallen over. I am completely affected. I have lost 5 pounds since Thursday (today is Tuesday). I am plagued by heart palpitations and nausea from the need to keep my emotions on such a tight reign and I have been smoking. I can't share those things with him though because ultimately it won't change anything. I could get into all the crap that brought us here but I won't . I have. O desire to drag his name through the mud and the fact is one day a lot of people are going to know his name. He is an author and a good one. He is a good man. He is not the man I want to be with. Only a woman would understand that I believe that. So, that is my life today. I am going to try and eat now wish me luck
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