Thursday, May 3, 2012

Weightwatchers is amazing!

ok, So I was on Weightwatchers before and thought " I dont need to be a part of the people I will just track my food and be done wtih it". well as we all know, I flunked. I lasted I think maybe 3 weeks of acutal tracking, lost no weight because I CHEATED ( I admit it ) funny thing... even when you dont record the food, your body still knows! Anyways as we know I have been stuck. I have come lightyears, I have lost lots of inches and I am in much better shape ( thank you Robynne at " the vertical Gym" In Campbell River BC.)but I have been never the less, stuck. So back to weightwatchers because what can I say.. it makes sense. 3 weeks in and I am down 2 lbs at last weigh in . I love the people I think that was the piece that was missing before.

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