Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I am seriously contemplating writing a book by the same title as this blog. I know that weight loss books are a dime a dozen and everyone has as story . I believe that mine is acutlly inspirational. I think that if I can really turn it around this year then It will be something to behold. There has been so much over the last few years. A marriage just about broken , financial chaos, health issues. MY story may just be another human story but I think its one that is worth telling. I am doing weightwatchers again., seriously this time though. I am frustrated by my lack of shift in my weight . I am in great shape, but still fat. I love food, pretty sure I have an addiction so weightwatchers is helping. I am going to use the blog to keep a daily record so that when it comes time to write my book I will have events to go on. Anyways as it sits I am at 180lbs this week . wee.

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